What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of high purity urea, diluted with demineralized water, that must respect the characteristics indicated in the European Norm ISO 22241.

What is the use of AdBlue®?

AdBlue®, injected in the exhaust gases of the diesel engines with SCR system, converts the nitrogen oxides (that are dangerous for the health) in water vapour and nitrogen (that are harmless) and reduces the fine particulate matter.

Who has to use AdBlue®?
The vehicles having Euro 4-5-6 diesel engines have to use AdBlue® : trucks weighing more than 3.5 t, agricultural vehicles, non-road machines, some types of cars.

Where do we pour AdBlue®?
We have to pour AdBlue® in the dedicated tank, that has a typical blue colour and is generally situated ner the diesel tank.

How much AdBlue® shall we use?
For trucks the consumption is about 5-6% of the diesel consumption, for cars about 0,5-1%.

Why to buy AdBlue® from Chimitex?
Chimitex has been amongst the first companies to have been certified by the German body VDA for the production, storage and distribution of AdBlue®. Our registered trademark is Bluechim®.
Our production is in batches, starting from very high quality raw material. Every batch is carefully analyzed before marketing.
Chimitex has been distributing for decades a wide range of chemicals. Our logistic organization ensures just-in-time deliveries for any type of packaging requested by the customer.

Which kind of packagings can Chimitex supply?
All kinds of packagings: 5-10-25-220 l drums, larger capacity tanks till 25,000 l, according to customer’s needs. We can also supply a wide range of equipments.

Which are the safety rules?
AdBlue® is an harmless product. It can be kept one year long. It has to be kept in the original containers and far from oxiding agents and acids.
It must be protected from direct sunbeams and kept at a temperature between -11°C and + 25°C.
Keep out of reach of children!