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Chimitex S.p.A., leader in the field of basic industrial chemicals, has undertaken to act in favour of a more healthy and clean environment becoming a producer and distributor of AdBlue® with its own trademark Bluechim®.

The Euro 4 - Euro 5 - Euro 6 Standards limit the exhausted gases emissions for all the vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t and impose to the manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles to equip the truck with a particular catalytic converter: Bluechim® allows You to fulfil entirely these standards requirements! TheBluechim® system protects the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) against any damage and failure; the use of Bluechim®, a clear, colourless, odourless, non-toxic solution of high purity urea (32,5%) allows the right functioning of the heavy-duty vehicles catalyzer.

As reducing agent in the SCR system, Bluechim® converts the nitrogen oxides (NOx ), that are harmful for the atmosphere and the human health, in steam + nitrogen, that are totally harmless; furthermore the use of Bluechim® limits up to 40% the emission of particulate matter.
No maintenance is needed for the SCR system , that is designed to last for all the life of the vehicle. The use of Bluechim® limits expensive engine repairs.Bluechim® is an harmless material, no particular caution in the handling is needed; only the materials where the product is stored, transported and dosed have to be very clean; Bluechim® enhances the engine performances; Bluechim® is not submitted to ADR transport rules
Bluechim® keeps its physical and chemical characteristics one year long and during all seasons; it does not suffer from low temperatures since the crystallization point is – 11° C; it must be protected from direct sunbeams; anyway at a temperature not higher than 25° C.
The quality of the product plays an important role; it could collect all the mineral pollutants that could be present in the substances it is in contact with. So it is important to be sure of the good origin of the product, like our Bluechim®. Chimitex S.p.A. is the first Italian producer of AdBlue® who obtained the VDA Certification for the production and distribution of AdBlue® with its own registered trademark Bluechim®.

VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) is the only European body that certifies that the production and distribution of AdBlue® fully meets the European legislative standards (ISO 22241-1) in all phases from the production to the end user throughout the entire supply chain. Bluechim® is carried in a dedicated tank in the vehicles and is dosed at a rate equivalent to about 5% of diesel consumption.
The Euro VI Standard imposes a strong reduction of the emissions of several pollutants like particulate matter (PM10), unburnt hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx ).

AdBlue® and SCR technology will be essential particularly for the reduction of NOx.
The use of AdBlue® is the technical solution that almost all truck makers opted for; furthermore, the car makers have planned a tank for AdBlue® also for some models of cars. EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and EC through the Tier 4 Standard have established emission limits also for the nonroad diesel engines, having more than 100 HP. So tractors, combine harvesters and so on will use AdBlue®, too. It is easy to recognize the AdBlue® tank because it is blue and situated near the diesel tank.

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Raw material

Chimitex carefully selects serious and recognized European suppliers for urea with quality certification for AdBlue® essential to produce our Bluechim® which guarantees a perfect constancy of the characteristics of the final product; Chimitex also has its own demineralized water production plant necessary for product dilution.
Every batch of urea for production is subjected to a rigorous approval process upon receipt. The batches that pass the laboratory checks are then used parameters and characteristics are throughly checked. Analysis are carried out by the internal laboratory and by external laboratories.

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The production process

The production has an automatic control of the process parameters and every batch produced is controlled both internally and externally.

Quality Control

Chimitex has invested heavily in quality control , both for the product and the process.
Several strict checks are made on the raw material. Beside inspections on arrival, checks are made for every batch from production tanks, in order to avoid any possible transport or storage contamination and keep the quality level.
Also automatic control on process parameters are made.

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Storage and loading

We have storage dedicated to Bluechim® and the related fittings range.
All the containers are suitable for Bluechim® and are carefully checked before the filling, from drums to full trucks.


Chimitex takes care of the professional training, so that only very qualified staff is dedicated to Bluechim®.



We ensure a safe and reliable distribution to end users, with just-in-time deliveries also for small quantities, on all Italian territory and also abroad.